Per Aspera Ad Astra

November 21, 2018
Ukrainians celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom
Per Aspera Ad Astra

Comprehending that a pathway to stars goes through thorns, Ukrainian students were the first who went five years ago in generous impulse with teen-age sincerity and frankness on Maidan with requirement – not to run off the European course. It were these events that definitely determined European course of Ukraine and have become one more evidence of age-long striving of the Ukrainian nation for freedom and independence.

That high price that Ukrainian people paid for such values as freedom, dignity and independence, there are also drops of blood of representatives of military intelligence of Ukraine.

DIU workforce bestow honours to patriotism and courage of the Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds and sworn brothers who perished while defending Ukraine, congratulate all on the Day of Dignity and Freedom and comprehending that a pathway to stars goes through thorns do everything possible for the sake of victory over the enemy of Ukraine and coming true of eternal dreams of the Ukrainian people.