Patriotic Family from Ternopil Region: Father, Mother and Son Came to Defend Ukraine

December 17, 2018
An article under a such name about large family, where parents and son became military reconnaissance men, prepared “Svoboda” newspaper

An unusual story of Ilchyshyn family from Pidvolochysk, Ternopil region is described in the article. This family emigrated to France from Ukraine before the Second World War, but after the war it returned to Ukraine under the influence of Soviet propaganda.

In summer of 2014, Andrii (father) went to serve as a volunteer in the 54th separate reconnaissance battalion in which he has been fighting for almost four years. In the course of war, Olena (mother) joined him.

Andrii (their son) having left Lviv State University, became the third warrior from the family in the east of Ukraine. At the age of 18 years, he went as a volunteer to serve in the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion. He got originally on Mariupol direction as a reconnaissance man–machine gunner, took part in liberation of Shyrokyno, Donetsk region; from May of 2016 to May of 2017 fought in Luhansk region.

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