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Fear Prevails — Terrorist russia Reinforces Borders in Three Regions

March 30, 2024

Following the raids by the Siberian Battalion, the russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom of russia Legion, the aggressor state of russia has stepped up measures to strengthen sections of russian border in the belgorod, kursk, and briansk regions.

Personnel of the kursk, briansk, and Belgorod groupings of russian troops are currently being trained to detect and combat sabotage and reconnaissance groups, conduct assault operations in urban areas, and protect and defend critical infrastructure.

To strengthen its border regions, russia is training recruits particularly, in the occupied Mariupol, and other occupied cities in Ukraine.

In addition, in the kursk, briansk, and Belgorod regions, the Russians are strengthening, improving, and camouflaging fortifications, and are trying to increase the number of anti-drone weapons, EW stations, and air defence systems.

In particular, they plan to redeploy units of the 5th anti-aircraft missile brigade of the russian armed forces, which is currently deployed in the occupied territory of the Luhansk region, to the Kursk region

russian engineering units are expanding the geography of minefields in the border regions.

The level of dissatisfaction with the actions of municipal officials, the kremlin itself, and russian propagandists, who recommend that border residents “endure” and grieve for those killed in the terrorist attack in the moscow region, is growing among the population of these regions.