Memory about Izvaryne

July 19, 2016
There was honored the memory about the warriors of the 3rd separate Special Forces regiment, who were killed two years ago defending the Ukrainian land, at the National history museum of Ukraine in the Second World War
Memory about Izvaryne

Near the photos of young warriors with smile, the memory candles are burning and flowers are sorrowing. Every visitor understands at once that young and smiling men, who look at from photos, were killed; their mothers, wives and children never waited for returning of their dears, and sworn brothers are distressed for deaths of their friends in feverish dreams…

Exhibition’s organizers and all Ukrainian patriots low bow to the memory of the scouts – the defenders of Motherland who were killed near Izvaryne, expressed the words of encouragement to the families of perished servicemen. They have recently conveyed personnel things of sons, husbands, brothers to the museum. They became dear and closer to the employees of the memorial complex.

We are with you. We remember. Heroes have never died!