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In Memory of Hero

February 4, 2018
On June 27, 2017, employee of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Maksym Shapoval was killed as a result of a terrorist attack
In Memory of Hero

Maksym Mykhailovych commanded a Special Forces reconnaissance group that was the first to enter the Donetsk airport in May of 2014. Afterwards, these courageous and strong in spirit warriors were dubbed “cyborgs” by the enemy, who was stupefied by their fearlessness and fortitude,

According to the Decrees of the President of Ukraine, Maksym Shapoval was posthumously bestowed with the rank Major General as well as with the title Hero of Ukraine.

On the initiative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine public discussions regarding the renaming of Mekhanizatoriv Street to Street of Maksym Shapoval are being held on the web-site of the Kyiv Local State Administration (up to March 18, 2018) in an effort to commemorate the courageous hero. The procedure provides for personal voting at the link

Everyone who wishes to take part in public discussions must register on the web-site.

The registration procedure includes the following steps:

entering one’s e-mail address, full name (last, first, patronymic), residential address, date of birth and telephone number;

upon entering the data, a message will be sent to the indicated e-mail address from portal with the link to the site where public discussions are taking place;

after pressing on the link, the participant will be asked to enter his e-mail as well as to create and type in a personal password;

once on the site, the participant has to find the link “Consultations on renaming Mekhanizatoriv Street to Street of Maksym Shapoval”;

after opening the link, the participant will be supplied information on the draft decision of Kyiv Local State Administration and at the bottom of the page there will be an option to support (not support) the decision and to post commentary if the participant wishes to;

if the participant decides to support the decision, he or she must press the button “YES” and, if wishes to do so, can write a commentary. All commentaries will be open for viewing by other participants of the voting.

Active participation of citizen in the spread of this information, voting and supporting of the draft decision will promote a positive decision regarding the renaming of Mekhanizatoriv Street to Street of Maksym Shapoval.