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Intelligence Has Conducted Evacuation of Ukrainians from Kabul City

August 28, 2021 / “Ukrinform” National News Agency of Ukraine
Intelligence Has Conducted Evacuation of Ukrainians from Kabul City

All Ukrainian citizens were evacuated from the city of Kabul due to works of representatives of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

As Ukrinform’s correspondent reports, head of the President’s Office of Ukraine Andrii Yermak told this during the briefing at Boryspil airport.

“I want to say that, indeed, today the whole world has seen that the DIU employees are heroes, who conducted a bold operation. I think that we can tell some details later. Unfortunately, this people cannot even appear in front of you with open faces because it is intelligence. But believe me, they are really heroes. In terms of their professionalism, they are ahead of the very professional special services of other countries, which recognize this,” Yermak said.

He stressed that the aircrafts and all people, who were evacuated from Kabul, were in very dangerous situation.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, on Saturday three aircrafts evacuated about 360 people from Kabul, among whom, according to Defence Ministry’s data, 80 people are Ukraine’s citizens. The first aircraft has already landed in Kyiv.

As of August 27, more than 230 people, who are Ukraine’s citizens or their relatives, were in Afghanistan.

Kabul airport has been in turmoil since the Taliban seized the Afghan capital on August 15 and declared the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Many countries, including Ukraine, have been sending aircrafts to Kabul to evacuate citizens.