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russia's Occupation Authority Starts Evacuating from Temporarily Captured Crimea

March 24, 2023

russia's Occupation Authority Starts Evacuating from Temporarily Captured CrimeaThis was said by Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, on the air of Freedom TV channel.

According to the representative of Ukraine's military intelligence, the day before, local residents heard a warning on the radio that they should prepare to leave the occupied peninsula. Yusov believes that this warning applies to Crimeans who cooperated with the occupation authority.

"In order to be peace and order there, it is necessary to de-occupy the peninsula and return the legitimate Ukrainian government there. Actually, to return Crimea to its native Ukrainian harbor, which will definitely happen in the near future. Therefore, it is really better for all those who work for russia to leave the territory of Ukrainian Crimea in the near future," Andrii Yusov added.

The DIU representative also said that russian command in the peninsula and the occupation administration are very active in selling real estate and removing their families from Crimea.

"Meanwhile, they tell the rank and file not to worry, that everything is fine and everything is under control. But this is already like a meme that the "special operation" is going in accordance with plan. Families linked to the russians are being evacuated, and quite urgently. This is food for thought for everyone who tied their lives to putin’s malicious ruscist regime. They better leave Crimea while they still can," Andrii Yusov emphasized.