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Invaders Sinking Ferries in Order to Protect Illegal Kerch Bridge

August 22, 2023

In the area of the Kerch Strait close to the illegally built bridge connecting occupied Crimea with russia (geographical coordinates: 45.2432237; 36.5845773), the russian invaders have launched preparations for the sinking of the second ferry.

According to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, in order to create a protective obstacle in front of the Kerch bridge, the occupiers plan to sink at least six ferries.

The russians intend to install boom barriers between sank ferries.

In this way, the enemy seeks to protect the Kerch Strait Bridge from further damage.

As a result of several successful attacks by Ukraine’s Security and Defence on legal military target, the Kerch Strait Bridge sustained serious damage, in particular, its road section and railway tracks.

The recent strikes on the Kerch Strait Bridge further worsened the situation for russian troops deployed in the south of mainland Ukraine and sparked a hysterical reaction on the part of russia’s military and political leadership.

The kremlin demanded that the bridge, serving as a critical supply artery for russia’s invasion forces, be ensured against further strikes by Ukraine.

The simplistic measure of protecting the 19-km bridge by sinking ferries in front of it proves feverish urgency of moscow’s decision-making and the intellectual crisis within the military-political leadership of terrorist russia.