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Occupiers Send School Graduates on War and Begin Struggle Redistribution of Power

May 11, 2022

Occupiers Send School Graduates on War and Begin Struggle Redistribution of PowerThere are no evidences of kremlin’s intentions to end the war in Ukraine for near future. At the same time, attempts to conduct so-called ‘covert mobilization’ are going on. An active agitation campaign is underway, as well as graduates and cadets of military schools are being sent to the combat zone.

Air assault units which suffered significant losses on the front, are being replenished in the same way. In particular, it is planned to send majority of graduates from Riazan Higher Airborne Command School named after Marhelov to the area of operational assignment in Ukraine. The graduation ceremony is scheduled on June 25.

It is also known that almost 45% vehicles from the logistics brigade are already used by Russian armed forces in the war against Ukraine (2,600 from 6,000). The occupiers are currently trying to replenish the vehicles at expense of vehicles, stolen in Ukraine.

The delaying the ‘special military operation’ has become a catalyst for the intensification of covert confrontation within the russian generals, particularly in the general staff.

Contradictions and covert competition between groups in the General Staff has existed long before the war. But recent failures and attempts of other centers of power in the russian establishment to place the full responsibility for the failures on the military have led to a sharp escalation of the confrontation.