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Invaders Expand Activity Of "Retreat-Blocking Detachments" And Ban To Retreat Under A Death Threat

September 19, 2022

russia's forces have tried to conduct a "counterattack" on the positions of the Ukrainian defenders, which are stationing in the Bakhmut district. To do this, it was inflict a blow by the forces of cannon artillery and missile artillery crews of the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 2nd Army Corps of russia's armed forces ('LPR'). However, it was began willful retreating of the invader's units from their firing positions after opening fire in response and advancing of the Ukraine's defence forces.

In order to stop the fleeing, unit commanders were forced to remind once again their subordinates about the prohibition of arbitrarily leaving their positions, as well as about the possible opening of fire on them for the rear's "retreat-blocking detachments" part.

In addition, they refer to the commander's order no. 222. Apparently, by analogy with Stalin's infamous order no. 227 by June 28, 1942, in accordance of which soviet servicemen were shot in back, closing the possibility of retreating.