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Invaders Conduct Propaganda Pseudo-Polls in Kherson Region

June 8, 2022

Invaders Conduct Propaganda Pseudo-Polls in Kherson RegionIn Kherson region, the russian occupants continue preparing the ground for a pseudo-referendum on possible accession to the russian federation. In particular, fake ‘social polls’ are being conducted in the occupied territories of the region.

Citizens receive calls from the telephone number 74994263534. People are asked to answer a number of manipulative questions that should affect their attitude to russia, the war, the occupation, and putin personally.

The key questions are the following:

  • How do you assess the situation in your region?
  • How do you assess the situation in Kherson city?
  • What should "local authority" do to improve living conditions?
  • How do you feel about the ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine?
  • How do you feel about volodymyr putin?
  • How do you feel about the russian army?
  • In your opinion, should Kherson be a part of the russian federation or follow the path of the LPR/DPR, or become a part of the "Republic of Crimea"?
  • Are there any relatives in Ukraine and russia?
  • What should the Ukrainian authority do: to forget about the region, leave it alone, write off debts? What should russia do for the region: to improve education, pensions, roads, etc.?

The ‘results’ of the pseudo-poll can be given as an illustration of the loyalty of the local population to the occupiers. Because there is no control over the ‘purity’ of the result of such "research" and can not be. Most residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region refuse to answer questions, put by the invaders. Those who agree under pressure to answer the questions cannot give a sincere answers through the fears of their own safety.

Therefore, even if holding a so-called ‘referendum’ is impossible, the region may try to "join" on the basis of the results of a "social survey" where Ukrainians allegedly expressed support for the occupation regime.

This is to remind that according to a 2018 poll conducted by the Rating group within the Portraits of Regions project, 68% of Kherson region residents are proud to be citizens of Ukraine. 65% believe that the Ukrainian language should be the only state language.