November 23, 2016
An exhibition under this name will be opened in Kyiv on the occasion of the 83rd anniversary of Holodomor

“We could lose Ukraine!” – a frightened Stalin wrote in the summer of 1932. He was afraid of losing Ukraine as a vital resource, without which the establishment of a powerful industrial empire, capable of conquering the world, would remain a mere dream. For fear of losing Ukraine, he decided to destroy it. Obliterate it, as a personification of all the things that the dictator abhorred – liberty, self-sufficiency, cultural uniqueness.

But genocide did not break the will of all men. Among those who survived physically, there were those who did not succumb spiritually. Such men are the focal point of the new project of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory “Indestructible”.

The exhibition, which opens on November 24, at 12.00 tells 15 stories about the people whose spirit was not broken by Holodomor.

The exhibition will be placed at the National Museum “Memorial of Holodomor’s victims” at the following address: Kyiv, Lavrska Street 3.