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Kyrylo Budanov: UN Court’s Failure to Recognize Obvious Facts Would Have Important Implications

February 10, 2024

Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, commented on the decision by the UN International Court of Justice over the financing of terrorism by russia.

The comments of the head of Ukrainian intelligence were posted on the pages of the French newspaper ‘Liberation’.

It is about the decision of the UN International Court of Justice of January 31, 2024, in the case of “Ukraine vs russia”, where the aggressor was accused of violating the Convention on the Financing of Terrorism.

The court interpreted that russia cannot be recognized as a sponsor of terrorism, since the russian BUK missile, which in 2014 killed 298 civilian passengers and crew members of flight MH17, is a weapon, not money.

“This is a disgrace for the international judicial system, this court decision is a mistake and a disaster, the non-recognition of obvious facts will have very important consequences, first of all for many civilized countries,” said Kyrylo Budanov.

According to the DIU Chief, the corresponding ruling creates serious risks:

“[Turns out] if the aggressor state gives an air defence systems [to terrorists], but not money, and if those down a civilian Boeing, then, in principle, it won’t be terrorism,” Kyrylo Budanov said.