“Undeclared war”

May 15, 2015
This is the name of exposition about combat actions in the East of Ukraine that is demonstrated in the local history museum in Kirovohrad
“Undeclared war”

The exhibits dedicated to the military units of Kirovohrad are the photos from the front, clothes and personal things of heroes, separatists’ uniform, residues of ammunitions, and flags with inscriptions and wishes.

Museum exhibits have also become a mobile phone and photo camera of deputy commander of the 3rd separate regiment of Special Forces Lieutenant-Colonel Serhii Senchev, watch and bullet-proof vest of radio operator-scout Oleksandr Kondakov and also other personal things of the killed reconnaissance men in ATO area. A separate page of exposition is photo gallery of the fallen servicemen who were born in Kirovohrad region.

Exposures were gathered by historians. A part of things were passed by the servicemen of 3rd separate regiment of Special Forces, battalion of patrol service of police “Kirovohrad” and the 3rd rifle battalion of National Guard of Ukraine. A lot of exposures were conveyed by the volunteers and relatives of the fallen heroes of Ukraine.