About Fifty Russian Snipers Are Constantly in the Territory of Ukraine

March 1, 2021
A representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine spoke about the peculiarities of using snipers by Russia in Donbas
About Fifty Russian Snipers Are Constantly in the Territory of Ukraine

"Russia's sniper units are actively operating in Donbas, and the territory of Ukraine has become a testing ground for up-to-date sniper weapons of the Russian security agencies," as it was informed at the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine for "Radio Svoboda" project. Also, according to the DIU, starting 2016, the assigned snipers were appointed to the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the "DNR" and "LNR" groupings, supported by Russia. These units are trained by the Russian instructors.

"According to our data, nowadays the assigned strength of such units is about 450 snipers-servicemen. In addition, the sniper groups of the Russia's Armed Forces, the FSB and other security services are actively entering the territory of Ukraine now. There are approximately fifty people who are constantly being in our territory in order to work out the most important tasks and, in addition, to increase their combat experience with the using of sniper weapon in modern conflicts," Vadym Skibitskyi, the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine said on the air of the "Radio Svoboda".

According to him, this is a short period of time when a sniper group enters Donbas from Russia, performs assigned task, practices elements to improve their professional skills and tests up-to-date weapons.

"If Russian units or even separate groups from the 1st or 2nd Army Corps enter, they use the newest rifles - these are large-caliber rifles, produced in 2010-2012 - those that are currently being tested in hostilities, for example, Lobayev sniper rifle that exists in five modifications. In addition, there are foreign samples - these are long-range samples that fire at distance from two and a half thousand meters and more," he added.

Moreover, militants from "DNR" and "LNR" groupings are armed with Drahunov rifle. According to the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, it was actively used the territory of Russia for its training since 2015. Sniper groups were sent in Rostov oblast the Russian Federation, as well as in Krasnodar Krai, in particular, "Molkino" training ground. Snipers have been training in the occupied Donbas since 2016.

"According to the military intelligence, in December past year, assembling for sniper units with involvement of officers of the Russian Armed Forces who arrived as instructors from Rostov oblast to conduct this assembling, separate exercises and to control the results of training of sniper units of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps were conducted in occupied regions in the territory of Ukraine," Vadym Skibitskyi said.