Memorial Plaque in Honour of Perished Reconnaissance Man Is Unveiled on Façade of Sokyrianskyi Higher Technical School

March 10, 2020
In such way, countrymen commemorated Stepan Zahrebelnyi

Recently, a memorial plaque in the honour of an alumnus of this educational institution, the reconnaissance man Stepan Zahrebelnyi (who perished during the holding the antiterrorist operation) has been unveiled on façade of the Sokyrianskyi Higher Technical School.

Stepan served in the 93rd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On June 12, 2015, he was killed while performing a combat task in the area of Donetsk airport. He was posthumously awarded the order “For Courage” for selflessness, courage and high professionalism, displayed in protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, adherence to the oath of allegiance.

A lot of people took part in the event: parents, wife and son of the perished warrior, representative of the local authority, combat sworn brothers of the reconnaissance man, volunteers and students of the Technical School.