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Reconnaissance Personnel Landed in Odesa Region

February 6, 2020 / News Agency of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine “Army Inform”
Reconnaissance Personnel Landed in Odesa Region Reconnaissance Personnel Landed in Odesa Region Reconnaissance Personnel Landed in Odesa Region Reconnaissance Personnel Landed in Odesa Region

Practical exercises on airborne training for the cadets of faculty of preparation of specialists of the military intelligence and the Special Forces were held at the Center for Providing Academic Process of the Military Academy (based in Odesa).

In the course of exercises, the cadets performed task on parachute jumpings, as well as worked out evacuation by helicopter with the using “Kanat-1” system.

Future officers also made descents, being fully equipped with weapons, from Mi-8 helicopter at a height of twenty meters and landed in one and two streams. Simultaneous descent was carried out by up to two people on each rope. After completing the training descents, there was conducted evacuation of combat groups.

Such way of airborne landing is used when it is impossible to land a helicopter, – instructor of training Colonel Vasylii told. – Using the rope during the airborne landing is the most effective in the terrain, features of which do not allow using usual landing technique, as well as during the landing on limited areas, such as: roof of a building, deck of a warship, on partially mined areas of terrain, or amidst of emergency situation. Primarily, exercise is practiced on the ground, than in the sky. After descending, the reconnaissance men accomplished tactical positioning. All cadets, who were air dropped, underwent appropriate training and practiced elements of exercise at the airborne complex of the Military Academy. Such exercises are conducted thrice yearly and are the essential standard for the future officers.

Totally, there was accomplished several parachute jumping as a part of mobile reconnaissance groups, as well as more ten cycles of descents and evacuation.



Oleksandr Kindsfater, “Army Inform” correspondent