Scouts of the Airborne Forces improve their combat skills in Yavoriv

April 5, 2016
The training of the 25th separate airborne brigade warriors is carried out at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre
Scouts of the Airborne Forces improve their combat skills in Yavoriv

The training program was planned within the brigade combat coordination and is expected to last for two months.

All participants of the training will have "Miles" systems on them; that means that the training is carried out in conditions resembling real as much as possible. The only difference is that after the "injury" or "death", the mistake will be explained to the warrior.

After the end of the workout, all the actions will be immediately analyzed in details.

– Of course, everything that happens here is just a game. However, the game that will allow our fellows to destroy the enemy, complete the assigned task, and what is the most important – to come back home alive, – the commander of one of the airborne units said. – That's why we are instructing our warriors to take everything that happens here seriously. If you suffered an "injury" – try to give aid. If you are trying to disguise – do it skillfully. Mistakes in control or taken decisions lead to losses among personnel. Everything is just like at war. Those, who learn to avoid mistakes in the rear, will give the enemy no chance to win".

The main specificity of all the training is that instructors set only one main objective, but the means to execute the task can be various, and that's up to junior commanders to choose how to deal with it.