“Khmelnytskyi-Lysychansk” Train Is Named after Perished Reconnaissance Man

March 12, 2020
In such a way, countrymen commemorated Maksym Yarovets

“Khmelnytskyi-Lysychansk” Train Is Named after Perished Reconnaissance Man

On March 11, 2020, “Maksym Yarovets” nominal train launched, which connect Khmelnytskyi region and Lysychansk town of Luhansk region.

Maksym Yarovets became a company commander of the 130th separate reconnaissance battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 21 years old.

“He served in the ATO area for a half year. On October 5, 2016, he was killed while performing a combat task – returning after reconnaissance, he had not reached his position about 500 meters,” hero’s father told.

Maksym’s mother said that her son from the childhood wanted to become a military man, “He practiced marksmanship, did karate. He was seriously engaged in weight-lifting, while he had been studying at the Military Academy. He read a lot of books about Special Forces troops and he said “only intelligence”. He studied at his second course when the war broke out. His course in full strength wrote reports with a request to forward them for the ATO area. They said, “why we are sitting at our student tables, while there is a war going on in country”.