Countrymen Installed a Memorial Plaque in Honor of Fallen Scout Vasyl Zelinskyi

August 27, 2016
The plaque was installed in Lutsk on the house where the courageous warrior had lived

In August 2014, the reconnaissance scout from one of the mechanized brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Vasyl Zelinskyi perished during a combat mission in the ATO area.

According to Presidential Decree № 436/2015 from July 17, 2015 Vasyl Arkadiiovych Zelinskyi is posthumously awarded the Order “For Courage”.

A memorial plaque was unveiled in Lutsk in honor of the courageous warrior by his countrymen. From now on, the inhabitants of the apartment block will have a permanent reminder about the defender of Ukraine, who lived next to them and laid down his live for the liberty and independence of our state.

The representatives of local authorities, neighbors, friends and relatives came to bestow honors to the Hero. The memorial plaque was unveiled in a solemn atmosphere by cadets from the local Military Lyceum and it was then consecrated by a clergyman from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate.

All those present remembered Vasyl as a true man, patriot and warrior, and his daughter Yuliia, choking back tears, read a poem in honor of her father.

Heroes never die! We remember the warriors who laid down their lives for the sake of liberty and sovereignty of our state!