Courageous for courageous

September 15, 2017
Ukrainians look for different possibilities to render all-round support to the defenders of our state
Courageous for courageous

Russian armed aggression against our state brought a lot of grief to Ukrainians. Asserting the right to prevail on their native land, Ukrainian defenders have been sustaining casualties. An equally important task of the society along with honoring perished soldiers is to support wounded warriors. Understanding this, patriots devote much attention and find different ways to help warriors who are undergoing treatment in military hospitals. Recently, a concert for wounded defenders of Ukraine has been held in the Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv.

The hospital’s management highly appreciates such assistance to wounded servicemen. “We understand the importance of treating not only the body but also the soul. That is why we are happy to cooperate and almost every day at 16.00 concerts and meetings take place”, – deputy director of the Hospital Hennadii Pierov said.