Minister of Defence of Ukraine Took Part in the Officer’s Graduation Ceremony at the Yevhen Berezniak Military Diplomatic Academy

June 25, 2020
Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Colonel General Vasyl Burba took part in the event

Today, Minister of Defence of Ukraine Andrii Taran has congratulated personnel of the Military Diplomatic Academy named after Yevhenii Berezniak on the occasion of officer’s graduation.

“For me, as a person who gave many years of his life to the military intelligence, and in the first, the most difficult two years of Russian aggression, defended the interest of Ukraine in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination in Donbas, the words “honour and patriotism of intelligence officer” have a significant personal dimension. A striking example of devotion, heroism and sacrifice is an alumnus of the Military Diplomatic Academy in 2016, Hero of Ukraine Major General Maksym Shapoval, who unfortunately, tragically perished as a result of the terrorist act on June 27, 2017,” Andrii Taran said.

The audience observed a moment of silence in memory of the Heroes who gave their lives for the independence of Ukraine.

“I believe that armed with the knowledge gained at the Academy, you will continue to implement the gained experience in the development of the military intelligence of Ukraine and ensure the transition of its activity to NATO standards,” emphasized the Minister of Defence.

Andrii Taran presented diplomas with honour and golden medals to the graduates. Also, he handed shoulder straps to officers who were promoted in rank.