Special Attention Is Given to Future Reconnaissance Officers

June 10, 2021
The cadets of the faculty of preparation of specialists of military intelligence and Special Forces of the Military Academy (based in Odesa) are taking final examinations
Special Attention Is Given to Future Reconnaissance Officers

Amidst of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the leadership of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine pay particular attention to the quality of training of future officers. Not only the successful execution of combat missions but also, sometimes, the lives of hundreds of Ukrainian servicemen and civilians depend on the professional level of training of reconnaissance officers.

Future Lieutenants took a graded examination on special intelligence at the training ground of the Center for Support of the Educational Process of the Military Academy (Odessa).

Members of the examination board examined the level of knowledge of the graduates, who are the applicants for appointment to the positions of commanders of reconnaissance units. Experts assessed not only the quality of theoretical training, but also the ability of future officers to apply this knowledge in any real situation, in particular in combat one.

In the course of exams, the cadets demonstrated a high level of professional training, ability to individually assess and analyze the situation, as well as to individually and quickly make a decision for further actions.