Victor Sobilskyi, future intelligence officer, entered the top list of the annual public award of the Southern Ukraine “People’s acknowledgement”

December 21, 2015
Sergeant Sobilskyi, along with two other officers, won the nomination “For courage and heroism”

The solemn ceremony of the annual public award “People’s acknowledgement”, the top list of personalities and events in the South of Ukraine, took place in Odessa.

This year, the nominees for the award “For courage and heroism” were three ATO participants – Olena Lavrynets, Colonel of Medical Service, Commanding officer of the Military Mobile Hospital, Volodymyr Lukhanin, Colonel, Head of the Department of the Military Academy, and Viktor Sobilskyi, Cadet of the Military Academy.

Noteworthy, Victor Sobilskyi, Cadet of the Military Intelligence and Special Operations Faculty, distinguished himself not only during ATO. He also represented the Military Academy in the Practical Firing Championship of Ukraine and won the first place in an individual event.