Future Reconnaissance Officers Are Taking Part in Competitions for the Best Special Forces Unit

October 2, 2019
Tournament is held on the basis of the Military Academy

In open competitions for the best Special Forces unit, organized by the Military Law Enforcement Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, apart from the cadets of the Military Academy, teams from the National Police, the National Guards, the State Border Service of Ukraine and the State Guard Department are also taking part.

The tournament is held on tactical background. Each group should move in assigned area after landing from helicopters. Then they have to make terrain orientation, to establish communication with the command, to surmount mined area and water obstacle, overcome obstacle course for reconnaissance, etc. The participants of training have to demonstrate their skills in marksmanship, to assault a building, to accomplish 10 kilometer foot-march in battlesuit.

All stages bring closer as much as possible to situations, faced in a real condition of combat work.