Ukraine defends the world


December 7, 2014 Handing the Battle Banner took place at the area of holding of counterterrorist operation
December 5, 2014 From the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, volunteer movement in Ukraine has become a powerful force that nowadays has combined thousands of Ukrainian people in the world
November 30, 2014 In this story, separate aspects of performing of missions and everyday life of the servicemen of battalion are covered in ATO’s area
November 30, 2014 Having given up their lives for independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the warriors-scouts will remain forever in the hearts of citizens of Ukraine
November 29, 2014 Military School’s graduates were always in the vortex of events and repeatedly displayed courage and heroism in the battles for native land
November 28, 2014 Holding of a difficult surgical operation and course of rehabilitation will enable to convalesce to courageous fighting man
November 23, 2014 One year ago, the heart of Hero of Ukraine, retired Major-General Yevhenii Stepanovych Berezniak stopped beating
November 20, 2014 Reconnaissance men, together with the cadets of other specialities, suitably presented the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the youth
November 18, 2014 During the meeting, the Head of State presented awards to the group of Afghan war veterans, among them – legendary intelligence man Valerii Hrynchak
November 16, 2014 On November 15, to the main educational institution of the Armed Forces of Ukraine which has been training the officers of military intelligence, was 115 years
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