Renown reconnaissance man Yurii Litkovets took part in the presentation of books about ATO heroes

November 28, 2016
The presentation of books “Sworn brothers” and “Audacious” about Ukrainian warriors – ATO heroes took place in the readers’ hall of Chernihiv regional comprehensive scientific library named after V.H.Korolenko under the slogan “Read – to know, know – to win”

A collection of essays about warriors, who distinguished themselves in combat against the Russian aggressor, was presented by editor-in-charge of Central Publishing Organ of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine of magazine “Viisko Ukrainy” (“Forces of Ukraine”) Lieutenant Colonel Valentyn Buriachenko.

– For over than two years, we have been gathering material, systemizing it and preparing for publishing. Ukrainian warriors who are serving in ATO are the heroes of these books. We are currently gathering material for a third and forth book. Also, we want to separately speak about service-women, who often serve as an example to men, – noted Valentyn Buriachenko.

The books’ authors and participants of combat actions in Donbas hope that after publication these books will not leave readers indifferent and will strengthen faith in the indestructible force of Ukrainians.