SBU Counter-Intelligence Fixes Intensified Illegal FSB Detentions of Ukrainians during Their Visits to Aggressor-Country

September 25, 2019
SBU Press-Center informs

Counter-intelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine once again cautions Ukrainian citizens against visiting Russian Federation or the occupied territories as FSB widely practices instigating fake charges against our citizens about their committing various crimes.

These actions are aimed at, among others, forming in Russian society and on the international arena a negative image of Ukraine, upholding the “enemy” role, and showing Ukrainians as a source of Russia’s rocketing crime rate.

Servicemen, representatives of authorities, law enforcement agencies, ATO (JFO) veterans, as well as members of the national-patriotic associations and movements continue to be in high-risk zone and under the FSB scrutiny. Virtually all the citizens of Ukraine travelling to or of the occupied territories for whatever purpose become the objects of illegal encroachments of Russian intelligence services.