Special Forces officers from Kirovohrad will be trained according with a new program

December 10, 2015
One of the units of the 3rd SF sep regt has been taking a comprehensive training course in different disciplines for 4 weeks

Every week, special instructors came to Kirovohrad and taught the young scouts psychology, military topography, hand-to-hand combat and field medicine voluntarily. Such training will enable warriors to be ready to any complex situations that can happen at war.

“Our task was to prepare the military men to act immediately, they should be ready to react to everything that happens around them swiftly”, as Oleh Vetrov, the co-coordinator of the “Ukrainian sports battalion” project, and one of the instructors added at the press-conference.

Major Andriy Muntian, coordinator of the Program from the 3rd sep SF regt, in his turn, stated: “We chose young contract soldiers for this program, because the training course is the most efficient exactly for them. It doesn’t mean we can’t teach the soldiers ourselves. Many our instructors were killed or wounded in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) area. We accepted the teaching aid, because it was suggested.”

Taking into account the results of the program, the project representatives and the service men will develop a unified system which will consider the past mistakes and will be more efficient.