Kirovohrad businessmen sent New Year's gifts to the scouts

December 25, 2015
The presents were given to the soldiers of the 3rd separate Special Forces regiment, fighting in the ATO area

On the initiative of the regional center local authorities, the businessmen gathered food of the long-term storage (tea, coffee, sweets, cookies, canned food, and cereals) and medicine.

– Every day, we receive packages for our warriors from different enterprises, establishments and organizations, – Olha Pryshchepa, Kirovohrad local council canteen caterer says. – We discharged a lorry from employees of “Chervona Zirka” and “Formula Smaku”. An agrofirm passed some honey to the military men, and we have already trans-filled it to 3-litre jars. Sausage products from “Yatran” will be a great bonus to the New Year's table in the field conditions.