Amount of Misinformation in Online Media Has Almost Tripled

January 21, 2021
This was stated by the Director of the Mass Information Institute
Amount of Misinformation in Online Media Has Almost Tripled

“The Institute of Mass Information states that the amount of misinformation in online media has almost tripled today,” executive Director of the Institute Oksana Romaniuk said.

“We analyze content in online media and we are currently started analyzing misinformation and fakes at the regional level. Main problem has three levels nowadays. The first level is misinformation campaign from the part aggressor-country, which is currently intense more than ever. Compared to data as of 2018, the amount of misinformation has approximately tripled. The second one is the quality of journalism. About twenty per cent of fakes are related to the fact that journalists do not know how to read numbers and to process them,” Oksana Romaniuk said. She added that the third problem is absence of critical thinking on both parts – both journalists and audience. As a result, we have a wide range of misinformation, from populism to simply interpreting the situation as it seems to people who have problems with critical thinking.