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russia’s Missile Ship ‘Ivanoviets’ Was Destroyed As a Result of Special Operation of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

February 1, 2024

On the night of January 31 to February 1, warriors of the ‘Group 13’ special forces unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine destroyed the ‘Ivanoviets’ missile ship of the russian black sea fleet.

The operation was made possible with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the United24 fundraising platform.

The ship was in the roadstead of Lake Donuzlav near temporarily occupied Crimea.

As a result of a series of direct hits to the hull, the russian warship suffered critical damage, rolled and sank.

The ship lost by the aggressor state is estimated to be worth about $60-70 million.

A search and rescue operation carried out by the russian invaders was not successful.

Glory to Ukraine!