Unity of Strength and Spirit

January 22, 2021
Today is the Day of Unity of Ukraine
Unity of Strength and Spirit

More than one hundred years ago, the Act of Unity of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic was solemnly proclaimed in the heart of Kyiv to ringing of bells of the majestic Cathedral of St. Sofia. On January 22, 1919, it was established the Unified Ukrainian state, which Ukrainians had dreamed of and fought for many centuries.

The current Russo-Ukrainian war for Ukrainians is a continuation of the century-old liberation struggle. Ukrainian soldiers like their predecessors more than one hundred years ago have been defending not only the independence but also the unity of Ukraine.

We sincerely congratulate all citizens of Ukraine on the Day of Unity of Ukraine!

We confident that our joint efforts and everyone’s awareness of their own responsibility for the future of the Ukrainian people get close the inevitable victory in the struggle against the Russian invader.