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Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Conducts Space Intelligence of Enemy Objectives

November 25, 2022

Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Conducts Space Intelligence of Enemy ObjectivesThe Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has carried out space signals intelligence of about 150 areas of enemy location both in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and in the territory of invaders and its allies. This became possible thanks to the cooperation with ‘Charity Foundation of Serhii Prytula’ which put the ICEYE satellite at the disposal of the Ukrainian intelligence officers, as well as contractual access to the database of the SAR-satellite constellation.   

In general, thanks to the project, it was possible to identify and confirm about 2,600 units of military equipment. In particular: tanks, self-propelled artillery systems, armored infantry combat vehicles, helicopters, "Iskander" complex, S-300 air defence missile system, "Pantsir-S1" anti-aircraft system, pontoon crossings, boats and tents in locations where the enemy units were deployed.

The data obtained with the help of the satellite made it possible to effectively determine the hidden locations of the enemy in forest plantations, in any weather conditions and at night. In addition, to identify antenna systems and positions of anti-aircraft weapons for further fire damage.