The "Legal Hundred" NGO presented a memorial for servicemen leaving the military service

April 6, 2016
The presentation was held in the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, HQ

Yesterday, during a briefing on relevant issues of servicemen demobilization, the leader of the All-Ukrainian human rights organization "Legal Hundred" Lesia Vasylenko presented a memorial for the servicemen leaving the military service. According to her, information materials are now on approval at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

In particular, the memo will include the order of dismissal to reserve, the documents which shall be issued by a military unit, the documents required for registration of the veteran's status, issues of clothing allowance and numbers of "hot" telephone lines. The memo can be downloaded at the link, as follows.

The "Legal Hundred" NGO has provided legal assistance to ATO participants and has implemented numerous information projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine for more than two years.