Citizens of Ukraine continue to render assistance to reconnaissance men

June 11, 2014
Within the framework of charitable assistance, reconnaissance men received modern personal protection equipments, uniforms and reconnaissance devices

Due to not indifferent citizens of Ukraine and public organizations, a difficult situation concerning providing of reconnaissance units is enhanced step-by-step.

True patriots of Ukraine don’t stay aside, taking direct participation into repelling an aggression against our state and searching any possibility for all-round assistance to Ukrainian Armed Forces and military intelligence.

Uniting around place of employment, domicile and in social networks, citizens have defined problems and needs of servicemen and have given assistance to them.

So, inhabitants of Rivne purchased and passed for military reconnaissance men special uniforms and night viewing devices.

Public organizations of Luhansk region and the visitors of site’s forum “Ukrainian Military Portal” created a group of assistance to one of military units of Special Forces of Ukraine. Within the framework of general events, the activists passed modern bullet-proof vests and observation devices.

It should be noted that such charity on rendering assistance to reconnaissance men, also was organized in other regions of Ukraine.