April 9, 2021
A representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine told about what is happening near the borders of Ukraine on the air of "Dom" TV channel

"The military measures that currently being taken by Russia near the borders of our state are not typical for the winter period of training of the Russian armed forces. Such large-scale events usually take place in autumn when strategic exercises and various final command-post exercises are held. According to national strategic governing documents, the augmentation of troops near our borders is assessed as a threat to Ukraine's national security. The level of such threat may be greater or less. In accordance with the results of situation monitoring, the Defenсe Intelligence of Ukraine registers increasing the military hazard level for our state. This is due to the following facts: transferring the Russian troops to the borders of Ukraine, large-scale measures of their operational and combat training, intensifying intelligence activity against our state.

Today, Ukraine's military intelligence together with the relevant structures of the allied countries is capable to monitor the actions of enemy troops and make timely conclusions about the nature of their future actions," said Vadym Skibitskyi, the representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.