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russian “Gazprom” Creates Its Own Private Military Company

February 7, 2023

russian “Gazprom” Creates Its Own Private Military CompanyThe energy monopolist “Gazprom Nafta” is creating its own private military company. mikhail mishustin, prime minister of the russian federation, has signed the appropriate order. 

As the document states, “Gazprom Nafta” (70% of the statutory capital) and “STAFF-Centre Private Security Organisation” (30% of the statutory capital) will be considered as the founders of the organisation.

The government of the russian federation refers to the law “On the Security of Fuel and Energy Facilities”, which states that companies of this industry “may be granted the right to establish a private security organisation”. The share of such a company in the statutory capital of the newly created "organisation" cannot be less than 50%.

Thus, the “arms race” continues in russia among the main political players who are actively creating private armies following the example of yevhen prigozhin's “Wagner Group”.