Good spirits and positive emotions for ATO participants from “TIK” musical band

February 10, 2017
Renowned and loved by many Ukrainians musical band gave a two-hour concert in Lviv

Recently, the musical band “TIK” gave a concert in Lviv. Thanks to the cooperation between the social project “My father defends Ukraine” and the band “TIK”, 90 guests – volunteers, ATO participants, their wives and children as well as families of Heroes of Heaven Hundred from Lviiv region – visited the concert given by Viktor Broniuk.

The incredibly strong, positive and heartwarming energy that reigned in the Lviv State Circus was felt from the first minutes of the performance given by these musicians-patriots. They presented their “Eurodvizhn” programme, which they are touring with through Ukrainian towns.

The live sound and the execution of renowned and new songs by Viktor Broniuk truly inspired all attendees, filled them with energy and put them in good spirit.

The audience joined in the signing of a lot of popular songs. At the end of the concert, Viktor Broniuk performed one of his most favourite songs – about love for his native Ukrainian state. “Just so, I love Ukraine!” – families of ATO participants and Heroes of Heaven Hundred sang along with the others, raising the State Flag of Ukraine with pride!