Experience of veterans-intelligence men is into the educational process

June 29, 2015
A legendary person of Ukrainian military intelligence – Valerii Hrynchak has taken part in preparation of mobilized officers

In Taras Shevchenko Military Institute of Kyiv National University, a number of events on enhancement of military qualification of mobilized officers to perform service duties.

During the organization of teaching and educational process, a special tribute is paid to implement the best state patriotic, military and combat traditions. To resolve questions on military and patriotic education, public and veteran organizations provide assistance to educational institution.

So, these days a legendary intelligence officer of Afghan war of 1979-1989, Hero of Soviet Union Retired Colonel Valerii Hrynchak addressed to the mobilized officers.

The audience received a unique opportunity to communicate with distinguished warrior and patriot of Ukraine, and practical combat advices of Valerii Ivanovych aroused a great interest and sincere gratitude of mobilized officers.