Dnipro Region Welcomes Renowned Reconnaissance Men

January 16, 2018
74th separate reconnaissance battalion came back to Cherkaske after serving four years on the frontline
Dnipro Region Welcomes Renowned Reconnaissance Men

This is the first large-scale rotation of the battalion, because reconnaissance men have been on the frontline since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation. The warriors took part in battles for the Donetsk airport, Ilovaisk and Mariinka.

“I remember one occasion when I was returning after a task in an APC, there was a sunset, music was playing and I simply felt happy to be alive and thankful for all those next to me. I knew that I would be going on vacation leave the next day. That is my most vivid recollection”, – company commander Vadym Nevrobov shares his impressions.

The reconnaissance men do not intend to waste time allotted for the rotation. They will improve their combat skills. Currently, military equipment is being prepared and the warriors are given time to spend with their families.

The servicemen assure that once the order is given they will be ready to take up their positions and defend our country.