Demobilized reconnaissance man becomes eco-farmer

March 27, 2017
After being wounded and undergoing rehabilitation, the man maintains an active lifestyle
Demobilized reconnaissance man becomes eco-farmer

Mykola Poltorak is an ATO participant. He received a wound while performing a combat task. As a result, the warrior’s leg was amputated. But he did not lose courage. To the contrary, Mykola distributes positive emotions to people around him. He is an affectionate husband and father who is raising four children. Currently, he is one of the few farmers to practice perma-crop agriculture in Ukraine.

Mykola’s family helps him to implement his project.

Raising his children, developing the farm, public work as well as an active social stance – are only part of what forms the tight schedule of former reconnaissance man, current businessman and public figure – Mykola Poltorak.