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Another Information and Psychological Operation for $15 Million - russian Special Services Are Preparing New Campaign Against Ukraine

June 7, 2024

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine informs that the special services of the aggressor state of russia are preparing another information and psychological operation aimed at discrediting the military leadership of our state, in particular the Ukrainian military intelligence.

The Russians have allocated US$15 million to implement a new large-scale campaign against Ukraine. The russian chekist agents have already received instructions to organise the paid production and dissemination of relevant materials in the media space of Ukraine and Western countries.

These will be articles and ‘films’ in which they plan to disclose the data of DIU employees who coordinate the combat work of special units of the Security and Defence Forces of Ukraine.

The purpose of russia’s latest information attack is to:

  • discredit Ukrainian combat special units, their officers and employees;
  • block the work of agencies that develop and execute combat and special tasks against moscow;
  • create another factor of social tension in Ukraine.