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Some Syrian Mercenaries See Participation in Russian-Ukrainian War as a Chance for Further Desertion and Illegal Migration to EU Countries

March 17, 2022
The command of the russian military base Khmeimim has been instructed to send up to 300 militants to Ukraine every day

On March 15, 150 mercenaries were sent to russia from the Khmeimim military base (Syrian Arab Republic) to take part in hostilities against Ukraine.

According to Ukraine's military intelligence, weapons, military equipment and other resources are planned to be transferred from Syria to russia and belarus in the near future to support the russian occupation forces. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has promised to provide russia with 40,000 militants for the war in Ukraine.

During the recruitment, the mercenaries are promised that they will perform exclusively police functions to restore order in the occupied territories, that is, purely police functions. But more recently, information about direct participation in hostilities against the Ukrainian army has begun to spread among mercenaries. This significantly reduced the "fighting spirit" of the Syrians.

In addition, more than 30 militants, who were wounded in battles against the Ukraine’s defenders, have recently arrived at the Khmeimim military base from russia. This fact has negatively affected the moral and psychological condition of other mercenaries and has led to the refusal of some of them to take part in hostilities. Cases of self-mutilation have even been fixed among Syrian militants. Some mercenaries see sending to russia and belarus as a chance for further desertion and illegal migration to EU countries.