Brotherhood Tested by War

April 1, 2021
The workforce of the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion mark the Day of establishment of the military unit
Brotherhood Tested by War

Immediately upon the Russian treacherous attack on the territory of the Ukrainian independent state, brave people united to protect their country against the occupiers and to prevent the war to advance to other regions of Ukraine. Performing their duty for the sake of Ukrainian people, battalion’s reconnaissance personnel not spare both their strength and health up to date.

For hundreds of servicemen the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion became not just a school of hard knocks but life itself. The muscles that the military unit has built up over the years inspire fear in the enemies and confidence in the victory of the Ukrainian army. It is thanks to such servicemen, who are serving in the 131st separate reconnaissance battalion, Ukraine's military intelligence has become an effective mechanism for protecting the state and its citizens.

Our congratulations on the holiday, dear sworn brothers. May the Lord protect you! Together to Victory!