Combat skills are above all

October 3, 2016
Field exercises for the cadets of Zhytomyr Military Institute named after S.P.Koroliov are being held at the training range of the Highly Mobile Landing Troops
Combat skills are above all

The practical training of first-year cadets in field conditions facilitates moral and combat qualities and improves physical endurance of warriors.

First-year cadets executed a 20 kilometer foot march towards the training range, received hands-on experience in how to establish a field camp, practiced actions of a soldier in defensive and offensive operations, trained to use individual means of protection and handle weapons.

The first-year cadets displayed a special interest in the practical application of the discipline “Operational system for a warrior’s survival”, where they trained to examine wounded serviceman, to transport him to a safe place in a variety of ways, to apply a tourniquet and to perform coherent actions as part of a team.