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Vadym Skibitskyi: Without Powerful Fleet, Ukraine Forced Warships of russian black sea fleet to Flee Territory of Crimea

March 25, 2024

More and more often, news is coming from the coast of the temporarily occupied Crimea about the successful fire damage to the black sea fleet of the aggressor state of russia.

Thanks to Ukrainian maritime drones of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine Magura V5, the reconnaissance ship ‘ivan khurs’, landing warships ‘akula’ and ‘serna’, missile warship ‘ivanovets’, large-sized landing warship ‘caesar kunikov’ and patrol warship ‘sergei kotov’ of the russian black sea fleet went down. Recently, they also hit a shipyard of the russian black sea fleet in Sevastopol, where, among other things, the enemy’s large-sized landing warship ‘yamal’ was moored.

“Ukrainian drones are getting better, more powerful, more accurate every time. This is the threat that constantly keeps the russian federation on its toes,” he said in the documentary project “GUR. Battle for the Sea. All Roads Lead to Crimea” of the national telethon “We Are Ukraine”, said Vadym Skibitskyi, a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

He noted that the unique Magura V5 maritime drone, named after the Slavic goddess of war, is a purely Ukrainian development managed by Ukrainian specialists.

“No one in the world has never done this before. Ukraine, after what happened in February 22, without a powerful fleet, forced russia to flee - forced the warships of the russian black sea fleet to flee the territory of Crimea,” Vadym Skibitskyi underscored.

He also said that Ukrainian military intelligence officers are constantly monitoring the movement of the occupiers’ warships.

“Everything related to the movement of russian warships and boats is constantly monitored in order to detect, transmit information and destroy the enemy military target in a timely manner... These are small bricks that are laid in large strategic operations – the liberation of all our occupied territories,” Vadym Skibitskyi summarized.