Active use of modern means of artillery intelligence will increase protection of our warriors – President of Ukraine

April 27, 2016
During the visiting of the Training Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko gave particular attention to the providing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the modern means of artillery intelligence

In the course of the trip to the military unit in Divychky, Kyiv region, President Petro Poroshenko examined the modern and modernized samples of weapons and military equipment of missile troops and artillery developed and produced by the defence-industrial enterprises.

“Active use of modern means of artillery intelligence should enhance security and protection of our warriors,” the Head of State underscored, addressing the personnel.

The President of Ukraine emphasized that several problems must be solved for a successful accomplishment of military tasks, in particular, insufficient provision of modern radar facilities and range-finding device, lack of unmanned reconnaissance complexes etc.

“I am confident that well-equipped and well-trained Ukrainian warriors will defend the borders and, jointly with our diplomats, make occupants get away from our native land,” – the Presided of Ukraine concluded.