72 years in the ranks of the defenders of Motherland

March 7, 2015
On March 8, the servicemen of 54th separate Guards Prut-Pomeranian, Orders of Oleksandr Nevskyi, Bohdan Khmelnytskyi (3rd Class) and Mykhailo Kutuzov (3rd Class) reconnaissance battalion will celebrate the day of military unit
72 years in the ranks of the defenders of Motherland

The battalion was formed and began to accomplish combat missions in summer of 1943, during commonly known Kursk battle.

Having passed through fire ways of the Second World War with dignity, the personnel of battalion, due to their courage and heroism, received the title “Guards battalion”, two honorable titles and three orders for their military unit.

Nowadays, descendants of great winners are protecting their Homeland with dignity from “uninvited liberators” who came insidiously on our land from the East. Demonstrating a fidelity to the best traditions of military unit, guardsmen have efficiently performed command’s tasks on performing reconnaissance of the enemy because the battalion’s motto is “For life – to the death”.