4-year-old son of a scout from Kirovohrad needs help

June 25, 2016
A little boy Yehor has already undergone forth course of chemotherapy

This difficult situation happened in the family of scout of the separate Special Forces regiment Kostiantyn Zaitsev – a tumour of abdominal cavity was diagnosticated to his son Yehor.

“Son has already undergone forth block of chemotherapy. Doctors say that after sixth block, maybe, it will be possible to operate. That’s why, we gather money”, – Kostiantyn tells.

Those who want to help can transfer money on the card 5168742353347440 (Zaitsev Kostiantyn Yuriiovych).

A telephone number of Yehor’s mother: (068) 192 11 17, Yehor’s father: (099) 705 07 56.